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Milwaukee Impact Driver Reviews Milwaukee cordless impact drivers are one of the top choices for professionals in search of an affordable and durable power tool. With a Milwaukee you can be assured of several things right from the get-go: your tool is going to stand up to tough conditions and it's going to be easy and comfortable to use. A key reason why Milwaukee cordless impact drivers are so well received by professionals and contractors is because of their durability. They are built to last and to stand up to the rigors of a job site. They can get banged, dropped and overused, and come back the next day ready for more. Of course, with simple features such as the belt clip that's attached to the 18v, you can help keep your tool as secure at all times as possible. One of the great things about Milwaukee cordless impact drivers is that there isn't a superfluous amount of models and specifications. They make three basic cordless impact drivers at this time, one each for a specific class and purpose. They have a 12v, 14.4v and 18v model and with only three choices it really helps to clear up the selection process and make your life easier. The M12 12v Milwaukee cordless impact driver utilizes a lithium ion battery for maximum durability and to provide a lighter weight. It provides up to 3,000 bpm while offering 850 in/lbs of torque. Don't let the modest torque numbers fool you; it's a very powerful and capable tool. It also comes with a built in LED light to help illuminate whatever surface you are working on. The 14.4v from Milwaukee delivers 740 in/lbs of torque at up to 3,300 bpm. The increased speed helps to make up for lower torque numbers, and as with the 12v, the torque numbers are misleading because it is actually a rather powerful impact driver. Additionally, it weighs less than 4.5 lbs and is only 7.5 inches in length, making it very small for its class. If you're looking for a maximum in power, then the 18v Milwaukee cordless impact driver is right up your alley. It provides a very impressive 1,400 in/lbs of torque, operating at up to 3,200 bpm. Its torque is a best in its category, and the built in LED and attached belt clip will allow you to work in any environment and under any circumstances. It utilizes a Li-ion battery and manages to weigh only 3.5 pounds with a length of less than six inches, making it ideal for working in tight spaces. Milwaukee cordless impact drivers are the choice of many professionals because of their durability and power. They are built to handle the tough jobs and stand up to the pounding of a rigorous construction environment. Additionally, you'll find that a Milwaukee cordless impact driver is reasonably priced when compared with some of the other upper-end drivers in each class, making them a top pick for many people.
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