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10.8V Cordless Impact Driver Reviews If you've been shopping for power tools recently, you may have noticed that 10.8v cordless impact drivers are harder to find than drivers in some of the other classes and categories. That's because many people view the 10.8v class as a "tweener", stuck in the middle ground between 9.6v and 12v cordless impact drivers. However, the truth is that 10.8v models have a variety of applications and uses, and you'll be impressed with the power and functionality that's delivered. If you don't consider 10.8v models, you'll be missing out on a great class of drivers that has a lot to offer. While the perception of the 10.8v models as being "tweeners" is unrepresentative, it's also true to an extent. That's because they offer some of the power and battery durability that the larger models provide, while generally being offered in a smaller, more flexible and maneuverable class. In fact, for many brands, the 10.8v category is where you'll find the smallest models, not the 9.6v class. This makes them a favorite choice for people who need to handle cabinet construction and installation, duct installation, electrical work. Additionally, they are commonly used by those completing automotive work in tight spaces, air conditioning maintenance and much, much more. Of course, a 10.8v cordless impact driver will also be perfect for a do-it-yourself looking for an all purpose tool for the house. Just take a look at the numbers you see below in terms of torque and in terms of size and weight then compare that to the drill you likely delegate your DIY driving tasks to at home. The size should be somewhere around a third or 50% smaller, and the torque could be anywhere from three to four times more powerful or even more. Luckily, there are a few really great choices when you're in the market for a 10.8v cordless impact driver. Starting with one of the more popular 10.8v models, Makita produces a 10.8v that offers 800 in/lbs of torque at up to 3,000 bpm. Bosch makes a 10.8v cordless impact driver, the PS40-2A, which takes advantage of a Li-ion battery for increased power and durability despite its small stature. Weighing only two pounds, it produces 800 in/lbs of torque with 3,000 bpm. The Hitachi 10.8v model offers even more power in an even smaller package. At just 5.5 inches in length and two pounds in weight, the Hitachi offers 930 in/lbs of torque. Simply put, it's not much of a fight when you compare these to drills, and anything you will need to get done at your home can be handled with an impact driver in this class. Since all brands and manufacturers do not produce a 10.8v model, sticking with one of the big names is a safe bet. Between Makita, Bosch and Hitachi you'll find one that falls into your budget range and provides the exact specifications that you're interested in.
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